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I. First Borders

Why have so many Hondurans taken to the US-bound migrant route? What are the communities they are leaving behind like? What does the first stage of displacement look like?
II. Seeking Shelter Amidst Beasts

I visited the shelters and train yards of the southern Mexican state of Chiapas and spoke with newly crossed Central American migrants in Tapachula and Arriaga.
III. Not My America: The Border

I accompanied one of the many border militias of the Rio Grande Valley on one of their nightly patrols as they looked for 'illegals.'
IV. I Had No Choice: The Diaspora

I visited communities in the Northeastern United States, speaking both to newly arrived migrants and long term residents.
V. Our Hell: New Southern Border
VI. To Return & Turn Around

The final chapter looks at migrants who were unable to fulfill their American Dream and their attempts to reintegrate after being deported.
The Right To Grow Old
Infinite Love: Central American Mothers
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